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Living room and family room

Many modern houses are open plan and benefit from lighting suited to the way each space is used. Illuminating passages ensures good general lighting in areas where you’re often on the move…

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Entrance and hall

The first thing you see when entering is the hall - a long hallway can benefit from lighting that emphasises the shape of the space by placing the lights in a line, either centrally or along a wall…

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Toilet, bathroom and sauna

We have a wide range of downlights that provide good general lighting in the bathroom, with both fixed and adjustable models. A dimmer is almost a must in the bathroom to create cosy and ambient lighting, and be sure to spend a few extra minutes…

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Kitchen and dining area

In the kitchen it’s important to ensure that all work surfaces are well lit. Where there are wall cabinets you can easily fit lights under them. With a dimmer for the ceiling lights you can easily switch from bright lighting for cleaning to softer, ambient lighting…

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Facade and garden

Facade lighting provides a welcoming impression and a greater sense of security. Why not use an outdoor twilight switch or motion sensors to save energy? A good idea is to use luminaires in the same colour as…

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Public environment

Our range of products for public environments includes convenient and energy-efficient solutions for property owners. For corridors and staircases where lighting doesn’t need to be on all day long we have…

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