Extend the garden season

Successful outdoor lighting means easily finding your way around and perceiving the space as it looks during the day – but without being dazzled. By illuminating your garden you can enjoy it all year round with a homely feeling!

Light creates a sense of security

Facade lighting provides a welcoming impression and a greater sense of security. Why not use an outdoor twilight switch or motion sensors to save energy? A good idea is to use luminaires in the same colour as the facade to create a sleek appearance.

Why not use several small spots of light to illuminate greenery such as trees and shrubs? Low power ratings save energy and also help you avoid excessive contrast, which can appear dazzling.

LED lighting is great for outdoor use.
The colder ambient temperature even extends LED lifetimes.


Good decorative effects can be achieved by using accent lighting on staircases and decking or to mark out pathways. Light falling on different types of materials provides an interesting and varied visual experience.

Lights in the ground or decking, for example, can be used to highlight a plank or emphasise the shape of a patio. We sell recessed ground lighting kits, complete with luminaires and transformers for easy installation.

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