Illuminating your project

Light can manifest itself in countless ways and transform and embellish environments and experiences, as well as create a sense of security, evoke feelings and form new spaces.

Lighting is about how the human eye perceives light, and regardless of what is to be illuminated – a shop, a restaurant, an office or a facade – they all have something in common. People. In public spaces, buildings and environments people are the common denominator. A job, a purchase, a meal or a meeting and the lighting needs to be adapted to the purpose at hand.


We eat with senses other than taste, not least our eyesight. By creating a space in the room, with a pleasant atmosphere and the right framing, the overall impression is improved, endures and is more enjoyable.


With the restaurant El Gordo the aim was to create a warm and homely ambience with a feeling of four walls in an otherwise unpolished and airy space. By working closely with interior designers Mood Studio much of the lighting could be integrated with the interior furnishings.


In an office environment concentration, creativity and new ideas need to mesh with procedures, meetings and people. Staying perky and alert throughout the working day requires lighting that enables us to focus and remain sharp while feeling inviting to new customers and collaborations. What’s more, if there are light environments with subdued and calm atmospheres, they stimulate our eyesight, allowing for rest and recuperation.


At Epidemic Sound, sound and light go hand in hand. The assignment was to create an unconventional office from a loft space and a brewery on the floor below. White Arkitekter was the firm responsible for the project while Hide-a-lite acted in an advisory capacity, providing light calculation services.


Let details and products come into their own with lighting that emphasises the character of the shop. Guide the customer through the shop and create inspiring displays that outline a clear path. With varying light levels, shifting LED colours and different lighting principles you can create interesting and expressive environments that put the products in focus.


The objective when furnishing The Industry was to create a raw industrial environment in ultra-modern premises. With our wide range of LEDstrip lights and profiles we could use illuminated lines to set the tone at first sight. Hide-a-lite was responsible for the lighting design in this project.


Welcome customers and visitors with an inspiring light environment, and let the first impression from the outside leave its mark. This may be one of the real advantages of our long, darker seasons: that with the aid of light and creative solutions you can stand out in the dark and emphasise how you want to be perceived.


VOX Hotel is a free-standing hotel in the centre of Jönköping. Nothing here has been left to chance, not least the former 1970s facade of dark brickwork and sheet metal. When the building was transformed from an office block into a world-class meeting place, the exterior was given a thorough makeover with brass, facade stone and, not least, lighting on the outside that reflects the hotel on the inside. The lighting design is the work of electrical consultant Peo Ottosson.

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Hide-a-lite was an early proponent of LED lighting. A great deal has happened over the years, and on several levels we’ve also helped drive development forwards. Today we have a wide range of products, broad expertise and big ideas for the future.

We like to try new things, and we’re happy to evolve together with our customers through new challenges and complex projects. Our head office is situated in Bankeryd, at the southwest corner of Sweden’s Lake Vättern, and this is where we’ve gathered our design and product development teams, production facilities and warehouse.

We work with both innovations and established products, and we’re happy to devise interesting lighting solutions through trial and error. This gives us - and you - the opportunity to adapt products and ideas to individual projects.

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