Easily installed

In our product development we focus on creating products based on three watchwords: technology, design and function.
The aim is to simply matters for the electrical fitter and to create products that are easy to install.

On this page we explain how we’ve reasoned!

Mains dimming

Mains dimming.

Comfort G2 and Level Multi, mains dimmable and convenient

Mains dimming straight from a 230V supply makes for a fast and easy installation, regardless of whether you’re replacing the lighting in an existing system or installing from scratch. With an existing installation, in many cases you can retain both the existing cables and the existing dimmer.

Our Comfort G2 and Level Multi product series include a dimmable driver with push-in terminal blocks and screwless strain relief for super-fast installation. What’s more, they’re linkable, which further simplifies things.

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More installation advantages.

Our products have more characteristics that simplify your installation and save time. Among other things, we make luminaires with low build heights, which means that you can install lighting in places where this was previously impossible.

In addition to low build heights, we also have other handy installation solutions. Read more about them by hovering your mouse pointer over the images.